International Summer Student Program at GSI
July 23 - Sep. 13, 2018


experience research in a major accelerator laboratory

During the summer months of 2018 GSI and its graduate school HGS-HIRe organize a Summer Student Program which is offered to a limited number of students in physics or related natural science and engineering disciplines from Europe or GSI/FAIR partner countries. Since spring 2010 the Summer Student Program is organized within the program canon of GSI's graduate school HGS-HIRe. Interested students are referred to the corresponding
HGS-HIRe Summer Student Program at GSI
page for further information.

The application term is closed and will be reopened in November for the next year's Summer Program.

Summer Students 2017
Photo: G. Otto (GSI)   

Program last summer

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Mail Adress:
    Summer Student Program
    Planckstr. 1
    64291 Darmstadt
Phone:+49 6159 71 2746
Organizers (GSI/ FAIR): Yvonne Leifels, Haik Simon, Jörn Knoll
Secretary: Gabriela Menge
Graduate School (HGS-HIRe): Henner B├╝sching, Gehard Burau
Public web pages: HGS-HIRe:    GSI: