International Summer Student Program at GSI-FAIR
July 26 - Sep. 16, 2021


experience research in a major accelerator laboratory

May 15: Summer Program 2021 is canceled

During the summer months of 2021 GSI and its graduate school HGS-HIRe organize an International Summer Student Program (ISSP) which is offered to students on the advanced undergraduate and Master level with at least three years of study completed upcoming summer: i.e. students during their last-year Bachelor or Master studies in physics or related natural science and engineering disciplines from Europe or GSI/FAIR partner countries. Since spring 2010 the Summer Student Program is organized within the program canon of the Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research (HGS-HIRe).
The application term is closed and may be reopened during the month of December for the next year's Summer Program.

Summer Students 2019
Photo: G. Otto (GSI)   

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Mail Adress:
    Summer Student Program
    Planckstr. 1
    64291 Darmstadt
Phone:+49 6159 71 2746
Organizers (GSI/ FAIR): Yvonne Leifels, Haik Simon, Ralf Averbeck, Jörn Knoll
Secretary: Gabriela Menge
Graduate School: Henner B├╝sching, Gerhard Burau
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