HGS-HIRe Summer Student Program at GSI 2018

July 23 - Sep. 13, 2018

(Dead line: Feb. 15, 2018)

Welcome to the application form of our Summer Student Program 2018 at GSI. The program addresses to students in physics and related natural science and engineering disciplines on the advanced undergraduate level: students during their last year Bachelor studies or during their Master/Diploma studies; PhD students are excluded from the program.
Applicants from outside Europe:
they are only eligible, if they study at a site that is a collaboration partner of our research institution.
In particular: at least one of the reviewers providing a confidential report should be involved in a collaboration with our research center

If you would like to apply, please take your time and carefully fill out the form below which provides us with your personal and educational data.

Use the Surname (family name) and Given Name(s) as stated in your international passport

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Main field of studies (e.g Physics, Chemistry, ...)
In which course of studies will you be during SUMMER SEMESTER 2018:

When did (or will) you finish the following academic degrees:
Bachelor degree: (enter month/year in digits as: mm.yy
Master or Diploma degree:   (i.e. the year only with last two digits))

Courses taken for how many semesters (enter 0 for courses not taken):
Nuclear Physics:    Other relevant Courses and Compute skills (such as C, C++, Fortran, Mathematica, LINUX, LaTeX, etc.):
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On which kind of project would you like to work? (for abbreviations of the project types click HERE)
Place your choice in priority of order: first choice ; second choice ;
Which kind of work do you prefer:
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Experimental work
Computer-code development
Theoretical work (very few places only)
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Our selection committee requests a short comment (few lines) which explains your special interest in the Summer Student Program at GSI; if you have preferences for a certain research group/ collaboration or topic indicate also this. Please also mention other important involvements during your studies such as other (summer) schools with date place and duration.

Motivations, Interests and other informative Comments:

Check carefully your entries to this form before you

The submission goes in three steps:
Step 1: after submission; you will receive an answer page. That page presents the submitted data in form of a table, or it gives a small error diagnosis, if the form is incomplete;
Step 2: check the response page with your submitted data; in case of required corrections return to this page via the Back Button of your browser; make necessary corrections and resubmit;
Step 3: once every thing is approved enter the Confirmation Key that you received by email and press the confirmation button (only applications with correct Confirmation Key will be considered)!
After completed submission (after step 3) you will receive a confirming email.
It further contains the web links with your application-id that should be used to submit or upload the required application documents listed below; Please understand that we do not accept submissions of the academic documents (1) and (2) via postal mail, fax or email.

We further require the following application documents to be handed in before Feb. 15:
  1. two confidential reports of two independent professors, lecturers or scientists of your university or a related research center to be submitted electronically via internet (you will receive the required web-link per email);
  2. a current Academic Transcript - this is a report about recent (last two years) academic examinations so far passed usually issued by your faculty, to be uploaded as one (scanned) pdf-file via internet;
    (We prefer testified English translations, however copies of original documents in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Ukraine are also accepted.)

  3. Further information e.g. concerning visa issues will be provided after the successful submission of the above application form

The applicants will be informed about the results of the selection procedure per e-mail at latest during the first half of April.

In case of problems contact us by email

Mail Adress:
    Summer Student Program
    Planckstr. 1
    64291 Darmstadt
Phone:+49 6159 71 2746
Email: mailto:stud-pro@gsi.de?subject=ISSP2018
Organizers (GSI/ FAIR): Yvonne Leifels, Haik Simon, Jörn Knoll
Secretary: Gabriela Menge
Graduate School (HGS-HIRe): Henner Büsching, Gehard Burau
Public web pages: HGS-HIRe: http://hgs-hire.de/summer-program    GSI: http://theory.gsi.de/stud-pro