HGS-HIRe Summer Student Program at GSI 2019

July 22 - Sep. 12, 2019

The application term is closed and will be reopened in November for the next year's Summer Program

Mail Adress:
    Summer Student Program
    Planckstr. 1
    64291 Darmstadt
Phone:+49 6159 71 2746
Email: mailto:stud-pro@gsi.de?subject=ISSP2019
Organizers (GSI/ FAIR): Yvonne Leifels, Haik Simon, Ralf Averbeck, Jörn Knoll
Secretary: Gabriela Menge
Graduate School  (HGS-HIRe): Henner B├╝sching, Gehard Burau
Impressum (in German)
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Public web pages: HGS-HIRe: http://hgs-hire.de/summer-program    GSI: http://theory.gsi.de/stud-pro