Frequntly Asked Questions

  • To whom does the program address?
    The Summer Student Program is an Internship that provides practical and educational expertise to students in the following study fields:
    • Natural Sciences: Physics, Accelerater Physics, Biophysics, Medical Physics, Life sciences: Biology, Medicine (Tumor Therapy); Material Sciences (Nano Technology); Mathematics, Computer Sciences & Information Technologies;
    • Engineering Sciences & Technologies: Electro Engineering & Micro-Electronics, Mechanical Engineering.
  • To which education level does it apply?
    • The program addresses to students on the advanced undergraduate and Master level: Students are eligible, if they have at least completed their third year of studies in their main study discipline before the upcoming summer. This includes students, who will start PhD studies right after our summer program. Students, who are already involve in PhD studies during our summer program, are excluded.
  • Are there further eligibility restrictions?
    • Students who study at universities outside Europe or Russia: They are only eligible, if they study at a site which is collaboration partner with our research center, i.e. at least one of your reviewers should be a member of a GSI-FAIR collaboration.
  • What are the program objectives?
    • The participants will work on a scientific or technical project in our Research and Development departments mentored by a tutor (similar to a small Bachelor project); the project will be completed by a four page written report and a short seminar presentation by each participant. Furthermore introductory lectures on the research objectives and accomplishments of our center will be presented, supplemented by soft-skill tutorials. For details have a look on on the corresponding offers in previous programs.
    • All participants are expected to take part for the entire duration of the program.
  • What kind of financial support does the program offer?
    • We offer free lodging in a nearby hotel in rooms with two or three beds; all Summer Students will stay in the same hotel;
    • a weekly allowance corresponding to the standard for German students is payed;
    • travel support is provided up to a limit of 500 Euro.
  • What do I need in order to support and complete my application?
    1. Fill out and submit our Application Form with your contact and educational data and your project preferences;
    2. two Confidential Reports by scientists of your university who can provide a balanced evaluation about you;
    3. an Academic Transcript issued by your university (covering your educational grades over the last two years; English translations are preferred, however copies of original documents in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian are also accepted. For all other languages you can supply the original document along with your own (non-testified) English translation.

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