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public Lectures and Tutorials (Lecture hall = KBW Großer Hörsaal, KBW 1.17)
The Universe in the Laboratory

1st week

Mon, 23.07.18 14:00-15:30  Accelerators: from the source to the target  L. Bozyk
Tue, 24.07.18 9:15-10:45  Biophysics & Cancer Therapy with Heavy Ions  M. Krämer
11:00-12:30  Compressed Nuclear Matter I (Collision Dynamics and Flow)  C. Sturm
15:45-17:30  Visit of Ion sources, UNILAC, Main Control; Material Science Cave & SHIP-SHIPTRAP 
Thu, 26.07.18 9:15-17:00  ROOT tutorial (IT Training Room in Building SB3, Entrance C Süd, room1.239a)  F. Uhlig
Fri, 27.07.18 9:15-10:45   Computing for experiments  T. Kollegger
11:00-12:30  Compressed Nuclear Matter II (Dilepton & Strangeness Production)  J. Stroth
14:00-15:30  Hadron Physics with Anti-Protons I (Hadron Spectroscopy)  K. Goetzen
15:45-16:30  Visit of Green Cube 

2nd week

Tue, 31.07.18 9:15-10:45   Hadron Physics with Anti_Protons II (Instrumentation)  A. Belias
11:00-12:30  Atomic Physics  D. Winters
14:00-15:30  Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics I  H. Simon
15:45-17:30  Visit of Medical cave, CryRing & HADES 
Fri, 3.08.18 9:15-10:45  Compressed Nuclear Matter III (Results from ALICE at LHC)  R. Averbeck
11:00-12:30  Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics II  H. Simon
14:00-15:00  Impact to the society  T. Engert

3rd week

Tue, 7.08.18 9:15-10:45  Materials Research  I. Schubert
11:00-11:45  Plasma Physics with Intense Ion Beams  K. Weyrich
11:45-12:30  Plasma Physics with Intense Laser Beams  V. Bagnoud
14:00-15:30  Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics III (Experiments at the ESR)  Y. Litvinov
15:45-16:30  Visit of ESR 

4th week

Tue, 14.08.18 9:15-12:30   Tutorial: Scientific Presentations  H. Büsching
16:00  Summer Colloquium: Are heavy r-process elements produced only in neutron star mergers? One year after the gravitational wave detection GW170817 (in GSI-main auditorium SB 1)  A. Arcones
Fri, 17.08.18 9:15-12:30   Tutorial: Scientific Writing/ Latex Course   G. Burau

5th week

27.08.18; Jörn Knoll (
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