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List of Projects and Tutors

Project Tutor
Accelerator Physics, Information Technology & Technical Developments
Application for Security and Monitoring of Data-Center Infrastructure Adamka, Richard
Nonlinear beam dynamic at CR storage ring Dolinskyy, Oleksiy
Studies with the pulsed gas stripper test setup for UNILAC Gerhard, Peter
Particle detectors for EXPERT/SuperFRS Kiselev, Oleg
HPGe detectors Kojouharov, Ivan
Ring beam instrumentation studies Singh, Rahul
Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics and Material Sciences
Ions at low energies Andelkovic, Zoran
setup and characterization of CRYRING particle detectors Lestinsky, Michael
Experiments with stored highly-charged ions Litvinov, Yuri
Penning trap experiment Stallkamp, Nils
Experiments with Highly Charge Ions Trotsenko, Sergiy
Laser cooling and spectroscopy Winters, Danyal
Characterization of nanostructures fabricated by ion track technology Yang, Florent
Biophysics, Tumor Therapy & Radiation Safety
Motion compensation for ion beam therapy Graeff, Christian
Radiation Biophysics Krämer, Michael
Ion beam physics for therapy Weber, Uli
High Energy Nuclear Collisions & Dense Nuclear Matter
Particle production in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC measured with ALICE Andronic, Anton
Quality assurance of silicon sensors for STS detector in CBM experiment Bertini, Olga
CBM event reconstruction Kisel, Ivan
Studies of the charge collection efficiency of the silicon microstrip sensors Lymanets, Anton
Double lambda hyper nuclei reconstruction in the CBM experiment Vassiliev, Iouri
New front-end electronics for the HADES Driftchambers Wendisch, Christian
Nuclear Structure & Astrophysics
Thermalizing relativistic heavy ions Dickel, Timo
Mass measurements at the SHIPTRAP Penning-trap spectrometer Giacoppo, Francesca
Data analysis of FRS experiments Haettner, Emma
Simulations with the R3BRoot Framework Kresan, Dima
Detectors testing and heavy element data analysis Mistry, Andrew
Development for laserspectroscopy on the heaviest elements Raeder, Sebastian
The study of charge state distributions of high energy fragments passing through matter in a fragment separator using simulations Saha, Sudipta
Nuclear structure and reactions Neff, Thomas
Theoretical QED calculations Quint, Wolfgang

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