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List of Projects and Tutors

Project Tutor
Accelerator Physics, Information Technology & Technical Developments
High-intensity beam dynamics in hadron synchrotrons Kornilov, Vladimir
Electron cooling at the CRYRING heavy-ion storage ring Krantz, Claude
GPU Simulations of Nonlinear High-current Beam Dynamics Oeftiger, Adrian
HPGe Detectors (DEGAS etc.) Kojouharov, Ivan
Radiation hard scintillator investigation Saifulin, Maxim
Development of Internal Targets for Storage Rings Petridis, Nikolaos
Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics and Material Sciences
Particle detection in slow atomic collisions at CRYRING Lestinsky, Michael
Experiments with thermalized ions Dickel, Timo
Experiments with trapped highly charged ions Quint, Wolfgang
Ions at low energies Stallkamp, Nils
laser cooling & laser spectroscopy Winters, Danyal
Growth of nanowires and investigation with XRD and SEM Wagner, Michael
Biophysics, Tumor Therapy & Radiation Safety
Biophysics Durante, Marco
Radiation Biophysics Kraemer, Michael
High Energy Nuclear Collisions & Dense Nuclear Matter
Timing precision of the front end electronics for the Barrel DIRC Schwarz, Carsten
heavy-ion collisions Dubla, Andrea
High rate di-muon measurements with the CBM detector Vassiliev, Iouri
Development and construction of the Silicon Tracking System Teklishyn, Maksym
Nuclear Structure & Astrophysics
Mass measurements with SHIPTRAP Gutierrez, Manuel J.
Neutron detector NeuLAND Milhomens da Fonseca, Leandro
Laserspectroscopy of heavy elements at SHIP Raeder, Sebastian
Calibration of RPC detector Xarepe, Manuel
Setup for the radioactive sources characterization Zhao, Jianwei
Data Analysis for Nuclear Spectroscopy Albers, Helena
Nuclear structure, ERC-LISA Wimmer, Kathrin
Nucleosynthesis network calculations Martinez-Pinedo, Gabriel
Data analysis of Lattice QCD correlation functions Mohler, Daniel

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