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Program 2022

For the 2022 summer student program we have invited 30 students from 16 different countries mostly from Europe, and a few from overseas. During the eight weeks of the program each student will work on a small scientific or technical project supervised by a tutor.

In addition a lecture series will be held that provides a survey over the various research fields and applications at GSI/FAIR including a special Summer Colloquium on a GSI/FAIR related topic. The program will be supplemented by introductory soft skill courses.

During the final week the summer students will organize a seminar, where each participant will report on her/his summer project. Furthermore the students will edit a report book that collects all the project reports mixed with student-life photos, which every summer student will then take home as a souvenir on the eight summer weeks at our research center.

J.Knoll, Jul 11 2022
International Summer Student Programs at GSI-FAIR

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