List of Projects and Tutors

Project Tutor
Accelerator Physics, Information Technology & Technical Developments
Controller Simulations for closed Orbit Feedback Correction Mirza, Sajjad Hussain
Distributed Computing Schwarz, Kilian
Development of CW Superconducting Components for HIM/GSI CW-Linac Yaramyshev, Stepan
Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics and Material Sciences
Ion Storage and Laser Experiments at CRYRING Andelkovic, Zoran
Creation and Trapping of Highly Charged Ions Herfurth, Frank
Experiments with Highly Charged Ions Petridis, Nikos
Design of a detector, based on a Faraday cup, for ion beam shape measurements Stallkamp, Nils
Penning Traps / Highly Charged Ions / Spectroscopy Vogel, Manuel
Laser Cooling & Spectroscopy Winters, Danyal
Biophysics, Tumor Therapy & Radiation Safety
Radiation Biophysics / Radiotherapy Krämer, Michael
Development of Nanostructures for Brain Organoids - Project: BrainRadiationAssay Schröder, Insa
Geant4 and Fluka Simulations for Radiation Dosimetery Sokolov, Alexey
High Energy Nuclear Collisions & Dense Nuclear Matter
Data Analysis in ALICE Averbeck, Ralf
Production of nuclei measured with ALICE at the LHC Caliva, Alberto
J/psi Reconstruction with Muon Detector at CBM Kisel, Ivan
Reconstruction of Weak Decays with HADES Lorenz, Manuel
Characterization of the Micro-strip Detector Modules for the CBM Experiment Lymanets, Anton
Particle Identification in ALICE Masciocchi, Silvia
Diamond and Low Gain Avalanche Diodes (LGAD) Timing Properties –Data Analysis. Pietraszko, Jerzy
Hypernuclear experiment with WASA and FRS Saito, Takehiko
Evaluation of the Noise Performance of the Micro-Strip Detector Modules for the CBM Experiment Teklishyn, Maksym
Multi-strange Hyperons Reconstruction at CBM Vassiliev, Iouri
Nuclear Structure & Astrophysics
Separation and Thermalization of Exotic Nuclides Dickel, Timo
Gas Stop Cell at TASCA Goetz, Stefan
Developments for Mass Measurements at SHIPTRAP Kaleja, Oliver
Particle Detectors for SFRS Kiselev, Oleg
Silicon Photomultipliers, HPGe Detectors Kojouharov, Ivan
Detector Simulations with R3BRoot Framework Kresan, Dmytro
Gamma Trigger Implementation for DESPEC Pietri, Stephane
Scattering in the Harmonic Oscillator Basis Neff, Thomas
Density Functional Applications in Nuclear Physics Schütrumpf, Bastian