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List of Projects and Tutors

Project Tutor
Accelerator Physics, Information Technology & Technical Developments
Transport and manipulation of ions for accelerator operations Andelkovic, Zoran
High-intensity beam physics for synchrotrons Kornilov, Vladimir
Beam Dynamics.. Simulations and Control Room Applications Oeftiger, Adrian
Simulations of alternative straw tube tracker in PandaRoot Karabowicz, Radoslaw
DEGAS HPGe Detector Kojouharov, Ivan
Internal target development Petridis, Nikos
helium recovery for cryogenic stopping cells Dickel, Timo
NC Correction coils for SIS18 Mühle, Carsten
Simulations of safe-validation settings for Super-FRS Pietri, Stephane
Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics and Material Sciences
electron beam ion trap (EBIT) experiments Bernitt, Sonja
Mass and half-life measurement of atomic nuclei with ESR/CSRe storage ring. Chen, Rui-Jiu
Low-energy particle detection at CRYRING(at)ESR Lestinsky, Michael
laser cooling & spectroscopy Winters, Danyal
Nanotechnology with etched ion tracks Wagner, Michael
Laser (new nhelix) Construction and Laser/Plasma Characterization Nazary, Haress
Biophysics, Tumor Therapy & Radiation Safety
Update and validation of a precision water column system Schuy, Christoph
High Energy Nuclear Collisions & Dense Nuclear Matter
heavy-ion collisions Dubla, Andrea
CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors or ALICE data analysis Masciocchi, Silvia
Performance study of HADES LGAD sensors. Pietraszko, Jerzy
Picosecond Timing Frontend Electronics for DIRC (Cherenkov) Schwarz, Carsten
Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experiment Teklishyn, Maksym
Nuclear Structure & Astrophysics
Chemical studies of short-lived polonium isotopes Dietzel, Dominik
mass measurements, MR-TOF Ge, Zhuang
Fast timing spectroscopy Gorska, Magdalena
Developments for mass measurements with SHIPTRAP Gutierrez, Manuel J.
In-flight data-analysis at the FRS Hornung, Christine
Studying field map of the large superconducting magnet GLAD Panin, Valerii
Interaction of ions with matter Purushothaman, Sivaji
Developments for laser spectroscopy of heavy elements Raeder, Sebastian
developing an active target for nuclear structure research Wimmer, Kathrin
fission isomers Zhao, Jianwei

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