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List of Projects and Tutors

Project Tutor
Accelerator Physics, Information Technology & Technical Developments
Beam Dynamics Study for the FAIR Collector Ring Gorda, Oleksii
Pattern classification with neural networks Malzacher, Peter
Closed orbit feedback for SIS18 Mirza, Sajjad Hussain
Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics and Material Sciences
Proton radius Experiment Kiselev, Oleg
Electron-ion collision spectroscopy with CRYRING(at)ESR Lestinsky, Michael
Lepton Spectroscopy in Ion-Atom Collisions Litvinov, Yuri
Nano technology Toimil Molares, Maria Eugenia
Physics at electron ion traps and experimental storage rings. Trotsenko, Sergiy
Ion confinement in Penning traps Vogel, Manuel
Laser Cooling and Laser Spectroscopy Winters, Danyal
Biophysics, Tumor Therapy & Radiation Safety
Dosimetry for space radiation protection and ion beam therapy Boscolo, Daria
Ion beam therapy of mobile tumours Graeff, Christian
MC simulation for radiation protection Kozlova, Ekaterina
Radiation Biophysics Krämer, Michael
High Energy Nuclear Collisions & Dense Nuclear Matter
Light nuclei and hypernuclei measurement Caliva, Alberto
Particle identification Dubla, Andrea
Determination of contributions from reactions outside target in low-multiplicity events in Au+Au and Ag+Ag runs with HADES. Harabasz, Szymon
Silicon Tracking System - (1) beamtime data analysis, (2) prototype operation Heuser, Johann
Reconstruction and analysis in the CBM experiment Kisel, Ivan
Performance study of Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors and diamond sensors for MIPs and Heavy ions Pietraszko, Jerzy
Picosecond Readout Electronic for a Cherenkov Detector Schwarz, Carsten
Analysis of Particle Production in Ag+Ag Data Spies, Simon
Strange particle reconstruction in the CBM Experiment Vassiliev, Iouri
Nuclear Structure & Astrophysics
Mass measurements with SHIPTRAP Andelic, Brankica
Development for laser spectroscopy on the heaviest elements Chhetri, Premaditya
Neutron detector NeuLAND Gasparic, Igor
Germanium and scintillation detectors Kojouharov, Ivan
Data analysis and Monte Carlo simulations using R3BRoot framework Kresan, Dmytro
r-process nucleosynthesis Ebinger, Kevin
Nuclear structure and reactions Neff, Thomas
Langevin description of high-energy processes van Hees, Hendrik

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