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Kevin Ebinger

KBW 2.10 (GSI)
Tel: +49-6159-71 1819
Email: k.ebinger@gsi.de

Research Interests

My research interests include one and multi-dimensional numerical core-collapse supernova (CCSN) simulations. During my PhD I investigated a parametrized approach to make efficient studies of global properties of CCSNe in one dimensional numerical simulations with the so called PUSH method. Thereby I also compared the one-dimensional results with three dimensional results of the ELEPHANT code (FISH and IDSA code, University of Basel) and participated in a code comparison project including 4 multi-D CCSN codes. In my first Postdoc in the group of Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo here at GSI I started to work on hypermassive neutron stars (HMNS), which have their origin in the merging process of two neutron stars. The understanding of These objects is crucial for the understanding of the recently observed Kilonova (observed last year following GW detection of a neutron star binary merger by the LIGO collaboration). To investigate HMNS one needs a numerical treatment that can evolve matter with a general relativistic treatment of gravity. To achieve this we employ the public available Einstein Toolkit.

Selected Publications