Parton-Hadron-String Dynamics

License and Copyright Agreement

PHSD is a complex code. In order to ensure that it is used correctly that all results are reproducible and that the proper credits are given we ask for your agreement to the following copyright and safeguard mechanisms.

The PHSD collaboration favors cooperation and joint projects with outside researchers. We encourage experimental collaborations to compare their results to PHSD. We support you and/or cooperate on any sensible project related to PHSD.

If you are interested in a project, please contact us.

Projects without the participation of the PHSD-Collaboration are accepted, if the project is not a current thesis topic of any PHSD-Collaboration member.

We expect that the code authors are informed about any changes and modifications made to the code. Any changes to the official version must be documented.

The code or any fragments of it shall NOT be given away to third parties. Similarly, events generated with PHSD shall not be given to third parties without consent of the code authors.

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Note: PHSD code runs under Fortran90 (recommended is intel fortran - ifort. New release is gfortran compartable.)