Jörn Knoll

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Collision Dynamics and Decoupling
Hadrons and Resonances in Dense Matter
Non Equilibrium Quantum Field Theory
Renormalization of resummation scheemes
Transport Theory for Resonances
Coherence Phenomena
Hadronization Dynamics
Multifragmentation Dynamics
Nucleus-Nucleus Collision Dynamics 
Semiclassical Theory
Electron Scattering on Nuclei 
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Fields of Interest

Publications and conference contributions

Collision Dynamics and continuous Decoupling

Hadrons and Resonances in dense matter

Non-equilibrium quantum field theory

  • Renormalization of selfconsistent resummation schemes
  • Quantum transport of Resonances
  • Coherence Effects and Sum Rules for Photon Production

    Hadronization Dynamics

    Other Subjects

    Some Earlier Publications

    Multifragmentation Dynamics

    Nucleus--Nucleus Collision Dynamics

    Semiclassical Theory with Complex Classical Paths and Path Integrals

    Electron Scattering on Nuclei

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